Bourbons on hand 

Town Branch - Bourbon: Sherry Cask Finished, is a 9-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from the early days of Town Branch Distillery. Finishing the bourbon in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks gives this new expression an exceptionally smooth finish with a depth of flavor, including notes of roasted pecans with dried plums and raisins. –Bottled at 100 proof

Larceny - Distillery has roots deep in Kentucky all the way back to the 1800s. It has a taste profile of a 6-year Kentucky straight bourbon. It is made with wheat as the secondary grain, instead of rye, which gives it a smoother finish. –Bottled at 92 proof

Stagg Jr - This is a rich, smoky yet sweet bourbon that is brought to us by Buffalo Trace Distillery. After aging nearly a decade in barrels this bold bourbon is sure to please, including notes of clove, cherry and a robust smokiness. –Bottled at 131.9 proof 

Russell’s Reserve - Is a 10-year small batch bourbon produced by the Wild Turkey distillery. It matures 10 years in oak barrels and boasts a rich caramel and vanilla taste finishing smooth. – bottled at 90 proof 

Buffalo Trace - distillery has been making bourbon the same way for more than 200 years along the bank of the Kentucky River. The sweet taste gives way to the oak and toffee notes, finishing smooth with a robust depth of flavor peeking underneath. –bottled at 90+ proof

Eagle Rare - Masterfully crafted and carefully aged for no less than ten years. Every barrel is discriminately selected to offer consistent flavor but with a seemingly individual personality. This is complex, with aromas of toffee, hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather and oak. The taste is bold, dry and delicate with notes of candied almonds and very rich cocoa. – Bottled at 90 proof

Blanton’s - The taste profile is sweet, with notes of citrus and oak. The creamy vanilla nose is teased with caramel and butterscotch, all underscored by familiar baking spices such as clove, nutmeg, or cinnamon. – varies by bottle, but around 130 proof

E.H Taylor Small Batch - Plump dried raisins, lightly charred oak, and vanilla are all front and center in this classic palate with a twist. The mouthfeel is nicely balanced and more floral Overall fantastic in terms of being not too heavy, not too light, just the perfect balance – Bottled at 100 proof

Basil Hayden - Flavors of white pepper, orange peel, lemon and corn notes are offset by gentle cinnamon, rye spice and sweet caramel. Its flavor is Dry and rather brief finish with a big bang of refreshing nice cinnamon pepperiness and light vanilla oakiness. - Bottled at 80 proof

Angle’s Envy - The effect of the port barrel finish is evident in the sophistication and complexity of flavors. Soft, gentle, and with aromas of warm caramels, maple candy, satsumas, brown sugar, and praline, the bouquet is a study in subtle complexities. -Bottled at 86.6 proof

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